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Name: Marius de Romanus

Place of birth: Massalia (Roman Gaul), modern-day Marseille, France

Date of birth: 30 BCE

Age: 2050 (view his timeline)

Age When Made/Physical Age: Between 35 to 40 (the dates are jumbled and contradictory, so there’s a range). I use the age of 40 in my portrayal.

Creature Type: Vampire

Maker: Teskhamen/The God of the Grove

Fledglings: Pandora, Armand, Bianca, Sybelle, Benji

Hair: White blond; sometimes long and sometimes cut depending on his mood

Eyes: Light blue

Height: 6ft 6

Hobbies: Painting, writing, historiography

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Powers: The Mind Gift, the Fire Gift, the Killing Gift, the Cloud Gift, the Speed Gift, the Healing Gift.

Art of marius de romanus

Summary of Marius de Romanus

Marius was born around 30BCE in the Roman Empire under Caesar Augustus to a rich Senatorial family.  His father was a Senator and his mother a Keltic slave, who he inherited his looks from.  His mother died at birth, but he was raised by his father as his own son.  Marius became a wandering writer and historian. 

Around the age of 35-40, Marius met a Druid in a bar who, unbeknownst to Marius at the time, had chosen him to be the replacement for their burnt God of the Grove.  Marius was abducted that night and taken to the forest where he was kept in captivity until the night of Samhain when he was taken to the old God, Teskhamen, and made into a vampire.

His maker told him to escape the Druids and go to Egypt, to discover the reason for the great burning that had taken place and burned or destroyed their kind all over the world.  Marius obeyed this command and escaped after the festival, and he went down into Egypt.  There, a beautiful woman came to him, almost as if in a dream, and told him to take her out of Egypt, that she was being held by a cruel keeper who had tried to kill her.  Marius would find out later that this was Akasha, the first of their kind, the mother to all Vampires.  Her fate was linked to that of all vampires– her death meant the death of all of them,  She and her husband, Enkil, were kept enshrined by an old Blood Elder who had sought to destroy them by placing them in the sun.  Though the sun had not killed them, as they were far too old and too powerful, Akasha’s connection to the blood of all vampires meant that they suffered her fate: some were killed by the fire, others too strong to die were heavily burned.

With the help of Akasha, Marius killed the Elder and took the Parents out of Egypt to Antioch where he created a lavish shrine for them, and took on the role of their protector and caretaker.  She gives him her great blood from time to time, which renders him a very formidable and strong vampire in order to protect her from all vampires both ancient and young.

Around this time he met a woman from his youth: Pandora.  He made her into a vampire on the night she nearly died for his secret.  They lived together for 200 years, both serving the parents, though they fought more often than not.  These fights would ultimately lead to Marius leaving her and taking the Parents with him to Rome.

Marius’ life is one destined for loneliness, as he knows he cannot bring others close to him for fear that they would learn the secret that he keeps from the Divine Parents.  And since their destruction would mean the end of the entire race, they must be protected.  He moves about, but does not truly settle back into the mortal world until he arrives at Venice in the heights of the Renaissance, the 1480s.  It is here that he discovers his immense talent for painting and begins a school for young artists, training them in and nurturing the craft.  And for the first time ever, Marius is happy living as an artist in the mortal world, which he had never done before.

One night while riding in a gondola, he hears the prayers of a suffering and dying boy.  Marius finds this boy in a brothel, beaten and near death.  This boy, who Marius names Amadeo, is beautiful beyond anything he’d ever seen before and Marius falls deeply in love with him instantly.  He brings him into his home where they begin a two-year intimate affair.  Eventually, their relationship becomes even more intimate as they begin to share blood.  Marius had always planned to make Amadeo into a vampire, but it is hastened by an unfortunate event.  Amadeo is poisoned by a scorned lover and Marius has no choice but to turn him into a vampire or let him die.  They are given only a few months together like this before a satanic cult, the Children of Darkness, seeking to destroy Marius for scorning their religious beliefs.  He is burned badly and Amadeo is taken from him.

After he loses Armand, he spends over a century with a woman named Bianca, who ultimately leaves him.  It is from that point that Marius elects to live alone for another century until he brings the Vampire Lestat into his home and confides to him the secret he had told only a few: the Divine Parents.  Lestat, unfortunately, awoke something in Akasha, who gives him her blood and drinks from him, and it upsets Enkil to the point that Marius must send Lestat away.

Marius does not reenter the mortal world until, in the 1980s, Lestat begins to reveal the secrets Marius confided in him, which Lestat swore would remain secret, in his quest to become a rock star.  Lestat’s music finally awakens Akasha from her 6,000 year old slumber and she rises on a quest to destroy her own kind.  She spares a few, those close to her or to Lestat, who she had fallen in love with.  Her goal is to destroy the man of the earth and let the women reign.  Ultimately, she is destroyed and a new “source” of the primal blood is found.  Marius, a keeper of the Divine Parents for 2,000, no longer bears that responsibility.

Marius moved around a bit, making little connections or friendships along the way.  He did take in Armand’s (Amadeo’s new name) fledgling Daniel, and he cared for him for a little over 20 years.  They moved to Rio and had a quiet life together.  However, Marius found himself soon enough pulled back into Lestat’s world when Lestat, with the aid of sacred core once in Akasha, becomes the Prince of their kind.  Marius pledges to serve Lestat as they make a great coven within the walls of Lestat’s Palace in France.  Marius becomes the Prime Minister, the lawmaker, of this great new coven.

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